Top 10 Manuel Antonio Hotels

About Manuel Antonio Costa Rica


Among the best places for wildlife watching as well as birding in Costa Rica is Manuel Antonio. It has been cited by National Geographic as being one of the areas with the most intense biological ecosystem on earth. It is incomparable in wildlife and bird species. Manuel Antonio National Park is the favorite park in this great tourist destination. The park is located as well as named after the city often referred to as the slice of heaven on Pacific. It contains some of the most alluring white sand beaches.

Most of the hotels you will find in this destination are mainly boutique hotels. You may not find many resorts here. Manuel Antonio is your gateway to the most exciting wild South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, a place where nature rules but tourism is somewhat underdeveloped when compared to the northern coast.

Beach Hotels in Manuel Antonio


Many of the hotels in Manuel Antonio are situated off the roads connecting Quepos to Manuel Antonio National Park. You will not find many hotels with direct beach access because a majority of them have been restricted due to concerns over the environment. Therefore, travelers should anticipate having public transport or hotel shuttle to get them to the public beach or the national park.

However, among our recommended Manuel Antonio hotels there are a few hotels that have direct access to the beach, and they are Tulemar Bungalows and Buena Vista Villas, Arenas del Mar Hotel and The Preserve at Los Altos Resort & Spa. Although most hotels aren’t beachfront, they do still make up for that because of the incomparable views. The cliff-side hotels tend to have some incredible technicolor sunset that is surrounded by wildlife, rain-forest, and rocky coves.

Quepos Town


Quepos is the town that is regarded as the stepping-stone to Manuel Antonio National Park. It features a series of bars, restaurants, and souvenir shops. Travelers can enjoy the local dishes in one of the restaurants while shopping for their antiques. Quepos has all the quaint “Pura Vida” charm representing the rest of the country.

Family Friendly Hotels And Resorts

In case you are traveling in a large group, you can take advantage of Manuel Antonio villas or condos because they are spacious and can accommodate a number of people without having to take separate hotel rooms. Some of the favorite accommodation options for families are The Preserve At Los Altos Resort and Buena Vista Villas, and they are recommended for those who want to experience a luxurious stay in Manuel Antonio.

Tours and Activities


Visitors can consider the whitewater rafting tours, the Manuel Antonio National Park, the city life of Quepos, or the kayaking day tour to Damas Island. There is something for everyone, whether a sole traveler or a group.

Top 10 hotels in Manuel Antonio:

1- The Preserve At Los Altos Resort


This luxury family friendly beach resort is located on a 21-acre land, the Los Altos Resort is a hilltop property overlooking the famous Manuel Antonio National Park. This resort features advanced designs, unparalleled guest services, modern luxury, and first class amenities. It has a captivating exotic natural environment.

2- Arenas del Mar Hotel


This is the first luxury hotel to receive the Five Sustainability Leaf Award. This hotel caters for the most eco-conscious yet luxury travelers.

3- Buena Vista Villas & Tulemar Bungalows


This property is nested in the lush forest and overlooks the beautiful Manuel Antonio coast. It is an ultimate luxury for the travelers.

4- Gaia Hotel


Near Quepos in Costa Rica, you will find this adult only hotel. Gaia is perched on a 12-acre land, and it is located close to Manuel Antonio National Park.

5- Hotel Costa Verde


Very close to the park, Hotel Costa Verde provides an easy access to beaches around and the national park. You can easily observe monkeys around the hotel a true reflection of nature.

6- Hotel Parador


This resort sits above the Pacific Coastline. It is on a 12-acre piece of rain-forest land just located minutes from the best beaches of the country. It is also near the Manuel Antonio National Park.

7- Hotel Si Como No


This is where the magic of nature will come alive. There is an exemplary combination of stunning design, environmentalism, and barefoot elegance harmonizing with the lush and green tropical rain-forest.

8- La Mansion Inn


You can enjoy gourmet restaurant amid a distinct European flavor of La Mansion Inn. It features a Jacuzzi and great panoramic ocean views.

9- Makanda By The Sea Hotel


This hotel uses nature to display its background. Its design is inspired by the owner’s dream of having balance with some natural surroundings. It allows the rich tropical rain-forest to be part of its environment.

10- The Falls Resort


The Falls is located in a tranquil garden and a beautiful waterfall setting that is within a walking distance.

In terms of accommodation, Manuel Antonio offers hotel options for all budgets and type of travelers, hotel types range from the most luxury to moderate eco-lodges, featuring a variety of styles. You will certainly have something that fits your budget. The above mentioned Manuel Antonio hotels also offer beauty and privacy.